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January ~ June 2015 • Winter ~ Spring Edition • Volume 51
Welara ponies for sale
Welsh ponies for sale
Arabian horses for sale
Welara Stallions at stud
Welsh stallions at stud
Arabian stallions at stud
PS Starlight Mario - Chestnutpark Welara Ponies (cover article continued)
Heaves, COPD, RAO, or Simply Equine Asthma? (medical & research)
Where Are We Headed with Wobbler Syndrome? (medical & research)
Responsible Interpretation of Polymerase Chain Reaction Assays (medical & research)
Pigeon fever - Varying forms of infection in horses (medical & research)
Meet the Welara (pictorial)
Is it my Fault--Or my Horse's (rider training)
Communicating by the Seat of your Pants (rider training)
Dealing with Rearing and Pulling (training)
Applied Heeding: Handling Stallions (training)
The Material Participation Test Can Trick Taxpayers (tax laws)
Advertising rates and information
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  We are pleased to feature Chestnutpark Welara Ponies and their newest addition "PS Starlight Mario". This young and very refined Welara colt is the full brother to PS Starlight Rambler and is nearly identical to him. Both sired by the purebred Welsh *Wedderlie Mardi Gras, and out of the beautiful registered Arabian mare "Prima Silverstar". Chestnutpark breeds exceptionally refined and high-quality Welara stock, located near Whitehall, Montana. And is owned by Annie R. Reid.
Please be sure to view the cover and adjoining article to the cover photo on (page 7).

Recent Registry improvements, changes, and achievements.
All online downloadable forms have now been made compatible with Adobe Reader 11.0 and above. This means you may write on the forms to fill them out on your monitor prior to printing (much easier and less handwritten errors). Or if you prefer, just print the forms and fill them out by hand as before. Please note: handwritten signature is required on all applications (not digitally signed).
Registration certificate are now available in two formats, the standard physical certificate sent by postal mail, or color printable digital certificate in "PDF" (Portable Document Format) sent by eMail attachment. If desired they may be printed by herself on any high quality certificate paper of the correct dimensions, or kept in digital format on your computer in your "important papers" for ownership, proof of purity and pedigree verification.
The digital "PDF" version is handy, space-saving and convenient for farms that have a large number of registered stock.
Printable digital copies in "PDF" Portable Document Format have a price reduction of $3.00 each certificate in comparison to the standard "hard copy" certificates, and if a duplicate copy is needed it is free of charge.

A reminder that the Registry has made available online the opportunity to "register" immediately your farm or ranch's name, owner or breeders initials, and / or stallions name. By including this feature online it makes for instantaneous reserving of such names preventing the use by another party.
The online form reserves the name chosen for one month or until payment is received, if payment is not received within 30 days of the form submission then the requested name to be registered will once again be available to any interested party. The online form is available (HERE). . .

To download to your computers directly from our website individual copies, or the last four editions of this publication if you are a member you may do so by going to this link:

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    • Back issues of The Welara Journal (printed version) $1.50 each. While supplies last.
    • Personalized edition of The Welara Journal eBook on CD. 15 issues all on one CD with your name, and farms name,
      permanently etched into the CD. $10.00 or $8.50 to Registry members.
    • Circulation: 46 States ~ 4 Countries. Global Internet viewing.

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