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Pedigree certificate sample

Beautiful Five-generation Ancestry Certificates
With authentic pastel background view of
The Great Pyramid of Giza

These beautiful pedigree certificates of ancestry are printed at your choice on either genuine aged parchment paper, or quality certificate paper with decorative frame edge, and include a photograph of the individual. Specify parchment or certificate paper when ordering. Both make a handsome addition to your registration certificates and are very appealing framed and hung on the wall. The beautiful pastel background is an authentic view of The Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops, circa 2550 B.C.), also the Welara Registries official seal since 1981.

Price $8.00 each ($7.00 to Registry members) price includes shipping
To request the Ancestry Certificate by eMail - Order Ancestry Certificate
To order by Mail send check or money order to:
American Welara Pony Registry, 471 Fourth Street, Nevelco Unit 1., Crescent Valley, Nevada 89821

Animal Genetics, Inc.

DNA Typing and Parentage Testing
Animal Genetics offers DNA Typing or profiling using pulled mane or tail hair as the source sample. Testing can be used for registration purposes, parentage/relationship testing, and for DNA data banking for positive identification of stolen horses.
DNA Profiling, also known as "DNA Fingerprinting" or "Genotyping" establishes a genetic code for individual horses of every breed. This test does not determine breed type, rather, it identifies specific gene markers that are inherited from both parents. Since 1992 Animal genetics and its avian division Avian Biotech International have tested over 1.5 million samples. Animal Genetics performs a wide range of assays including DNA typing, infectious disease screening, genetic disorders screening, coat color identification and genetic sex identification.

Our panel for Equine DNA Typing is based on the internationally accepted panel of microsatallite markers set up by the International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG) and 11 additional industry used markers. Our equine profiles can be compared with other labs using the international alphanumeric nomenclature.
DNA typing has an efficacy rate greater than 99.99% for detection of incorrectly assigned parentage. Our laboratories are staffed with highly experienced people who process thousands of DNA tests from the United States and around the world. Our crosschecking procedures for processing and recording ensure the highest level of accuracy and quality control.
Our panel is the largest Standard equine STR marker panel in the industry. We have added an additional 5 markers to our initial panel bring the total to at least 20 Loci. Animal Genetics follows the standards set by the International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG) and leading labs including The University of California Davis (U.C. Davis) and the University of Kentucky. All our profiles use a multi-plex genetic STR marker panel, consisting of 20 Loci: AHT4, AHT5, HMS1, HMS2, HMS6, HMS7, HTG4, HTG6, HTG7, VHL20, ASB2, HMS3, HTG10, ASB17, ASB23, LEX33, LEX3, CA425, UM011 and AME creating reliable results that are accepted throughout the world.
The DNA profile is presented to the customer in chart-form, and the universal markers we use conform to international standards, therefore can be cross-compared with marker-reports produced by other laboratories using the same methods.

Submit a Sample For Testing:
To submit a sample, download a test submission form at our Downloads page.

Mail samples to:
Animal Genetics Inc.
1336 Timberlane Road
Tallahassee, FL 32312-1766.

In The USA Toll Free: 1.800.514.9672 ~ Phone: 850.386.1145. eMail:
Web site:

Animark, Inc.

Get the most from your livestock investment
with ovulation predictors and external ultrasound pregnancy detectors from Animark.

Animark breeding equipment works for the progressive breeder. After 30 years in business, we have thousands of satisfied customers, including many top veterinarians. Save time and money by reducing the number of barren females.

Ultrasound Pregnancy Detectors for Livestock
Our electronic pregnancy detectors are highly accurate and easy to use. Used externally, they are more convenient and safer for the animal than palpation or internal ultrasound units.

With Animark ultrasound instruments, you can expect to:

Detect pregnancy as soon as 14 days after breeding

Check at your convenience, in 1-2 minutes

Check as often as you like, any time until birth

Cull, keep, or rebreed on accurate information

Save on vet bills

PREGSCAN For Mares and Cows
Pregscan, external A-scope ultrasound machine
98% accuracy
Detects pregnancy easily and accurately.

The Pregscan is a fully external, A-scope ultrasound machine used for the detection of pregnancy in large animals.
The Pregscan will provide accurate information about the reproductive status of your animals, allowing you to increase herd efficiency, decrease costs, and improve your profitability. The ultrasound instrument displays the exact location of density changes or tissue interfaces in your animal. When properly aimed at the uterus, the display will show a pattern or spike indicating pregnancy and no spike if the animal is open. Because the animal's uterus changes density soon after conception, you can identify pregnancy as early as 14 days after breeding. This unit is specifically calibrated to recognize the tissue change upon conception in large animals. With sophisticated electronics and digital output.

OVASCAN ovulation prediction for all livestock - horses, cows, sheep, minis, pigs, etc.
Ovascan, ovulation prediction for livestock
The Ovascan is a rugged, rechargeable battery operated electronic instrument used to detect and confirm ovulation in cows, mares, miniature mares, and other mammal species. It has a detachable, washable probe with a flexible coiled cable. Readings are displayed on a digital LCD.
With your Ovascan, not only can you predict ovulation, but you can also check for mastitis. Just dip the sensor in a little milk and you can easily detect Preclinical Mastitis in just 8 seconds. Again, it will save you money by being able to take the necessary steps before the cell counts take over.
Using the Ovascan to predict ovulation, readings appear on the display after 10 seconds. Sound indicates completion of the test and the number stays on till reset. One measurement a day and you gain the vital breeding advantage: TIMING!

AcuBreed® Automatic Breeding Monitor takes the guesswork out of breeding
AcuBreed® Automatic Breeding Monitor
Advanced technology makes it simple to achieve more efficient breeding of horses, cattle, or other stock animals. You don't need to be a veterinarian or experienced breeder to use the AcuBreed.

Determine exactly when your animal will be most fertile:
Up to five days advance notice of ovulation
98% accurate at predicting ovulation
An increase in breeding productivity
Reduced wear on your bull or stallion
Saves on valuable semen when using AI

The AcuBreed measures a female stock animal's hormones that change with ovulation and automatically interprets those readings to identify her most fertile time. It provides a definitive 1-4 days advance notice of ovulation and then pinpoints the best time to breed.
Take a daily reading with the Acubreed, then press "YES" to "calculate fertility". The handheld monitor tells you whether the animal is "not ready to breed," ready to "breed in 1-3 days," or ready to "breed now". Once the animal has ovulated, AcuBreed will detect the increased progesterone, indicating that she is no longer fertile for that cycle so additional breeding is not necessary. This allows the breeder to minimize covers and maximize AI.
The AcuBreed will track readings for up to ten animals at a time in its onboard memory. Included with the AcuBreed is BreedTrak®, a Windows-PC based computer software program that allows the breeder to track the fertility of any number of animals at once.

For current pricing and ordering information call: 303.343.8342
eMail: Web site:
Animark Inc.
876 Ventura Street, Aurora, Colorado 80011

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