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Animark, Inc.

Get the most from your livestock investment
with ovulation predictors and external ultrasound pregnancy detectors from Animark.

Animark breeding equipment works for the progressive breeder. After 30 years in business, we have thousands of satisfied customers, including many top veterinarians. Save time and money by reducing the number of barren females.

Ultrasound Pregnancy Detectors for Livestock
Our electronic pregnancy detectors are highly accurate and easy to use. Used externally, they are more convenient and safer for the animal than palpation or internal ultrasound units.

With Animark ultrasound instruments, you can expect to:

Detect pregnancy as soon as 14 days after breeding

Check at your convenience, in 1-2 minutes

Check as often as you like, any time until birth

Cull, keep, or rebreed on accurate information

Save on vet bills

PREGSCAN For Mares and Cows
Pregscan, external A-scope ultrasound machine
98% accuracy
Detects pregnancy easily and accurately.

The Pregscan is a fully external, A-scope ultrasound machine used for the detection of pregnancy in large animals.
The Pregscan will provide accurate information about the reproductive status of your animals, allowing you to increase herd efficiency, decrease costs, and improve your profitability. The ultrasound instrument displays the exact location of density changes or tissue interfaces in your animal. When properly aimed at the uterus, the display will show a pattern or spike indicating pregnancy and no spike if the animal is open. Because the animal's uterus changes density soon after conception, you can identify pregnancy as early as 14 days after breeding. This unit is specifically calibrated to recognize the tissue change upon conception in large animals. With sophisticated electronics and digital output.

OVASCAN ovulation prediction for all livestock - horses, cows, sheep, minis, pigs, etc.
Ovascan, ovulation prediction for livestock
The Ovascan is a rugged, rechargeable battery operated electronic instrument used to detect and confirm ovulation in cows, mares, miniature mares, and other mammal species. It has a detachable, washable probe with a flexible coiled cable. Readings are displayed on a digital LCD.
With your Ovascan, not only can you predict ovulation, but you can also check for mastitis. Just dip the sensor in a little milk and you can easily detect Preclinical Mastitis in just 8 seconds. Again, it will save you money by being able to take the necessary steps before the cell counts take over.
Using the Ovascan to predict ovulation, readings appear on the display after 10 seconds. Sound indicates completion of the test and the number stays on till reset. One measurement a day and you gain the vital breeding advantage: TIMING!

For current pricing and ordering information call: 303.343.8342
eMail: Web site:
Animark Inc.
876 Ventura Street, Aurora, Colorado 80011

DDC Veterinary  Animal DNA Services Veterinary Diagnostics Center

• Lowest Fees
• Fastest Turnaround Time
• Professional and Friendly Consultants
• Sample Type 15-20 mane hairs with root
• Banking Duration 10 years

Accurate and Reliable Veterinary DNA Testing. DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) is the world's largest, most experienced private DNA testing laboratory. Since 1994, DDC has been dedicated to providing the highest quality human DNA testing services available at a reasonable price.
DDC Veterinary, a division of DDC, provides the same quality testing and legendary service for those seeking DNA services for animals:
DNA testing is a tool used to better manage matings, make more informed selection decisions, and discover the correct parentage when in doubt. We offer several quality canine DNA tests for use by breeders, veterinarians, and registries worldwide. Our comprehensive menu of DNA testing for dogs include DNA Profiling, Parentage Verification, Dog Breed Ancestry Testing, Inherited Traits Screening, Inherited Disease Screening, and DNA Banking.

Equine DNA Banking - Storage
We offer the option of long-term storage for your horse’s DNA in our secure, environmentally controlled DNA banking facility for 10 years. This service helps you to prepare for unforeseen circumstances, such as challenges to parentage, your horse getting lost or stolen, and others.

DNA HYPP Testing
DDC Veterinary is offering equine breeders fast, affordable DNA testing for Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis (HYPP). HYPP (also known as Impressive Syndrome) is an inherited autosomal dominant disorder which affects sodium channels in muscle cells and the ability to regulate potassium levels in the blood. This inherited disease is characterized by uncontrollable muscle twitching and substantial muscle weakness or paralysis among affected horses. HYPP is a dominant disorder; therefore heterozygotes bred to genotypically normal horses will still likely produce clinically affected offspring 50% of the time.
Testing can be performed on hair samples (with the follicle intact). You may download instructions for collecting samples. We will provide you with a detailed DNA report showing your horse's genotype for HYPP.

Equine DNA Collection Procedure
Your equine DNA sample collection kit will contain instructions, the order form, and a return envelope. Equine DNA samples are often in the form of 15-20 hairs from the mane. The Sample Submission Form contains a section for enclosing the hair samples. You may also download a printable version of the form. The form contains the instructions described below.

Pull 15-25 hairs by wrapping the hair around your finger close to the skin and pulling quickly and evenly. Pull - DO NOT CUT - the hair samples from the mane above the withers.
The DNA is contained in the root bulb (follicle) - it is important that this part of the hair remain intact. Inspect the hairs to see that they have not been broken off before the root. This is particularly important with young foals, as their hair tends to be finer and more brittle.
Place the hairs in a straight line across the middle of the form. This area is reserved for samples. Keep the hair together with the roots to the left as indicated.
Tape the center of the hair shafts with CLEAR tape to ensure the sample stays in place. Fold the hair kit as as indicated by the dotted lines and place in the return envelope provided. Please include your completed Equine DNA Order Form along with payment and mail to the address below:

To order this service, call us toll-free at: 1.800.625.0874, or use our secure Equine DNA Banking order form. We will send you a kit containing everything you need to collect and send DNA samples back to our laboratory.
We offer our DNA testing services worldwide. You may request a free kit or pay online via Visa or MasterCard using the order links on our web site. Fees are quoted in U.S. dollars.
DDC Veterinary
Equine DNA Testing Division
One DDC Way, Fairfield, OH 45014
Toll Free: 1.800.625.0874. Web site:
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