Driving tips

Driving is among the most common activities people do today. That said, it is clear that the number of people on the road is increasing. To remain safe, we must, therefore, abide by road rules and stick by the law. Yes, you are following the law well, but how do you relate to fellow drivers? For a good experience, all drivers must be friendly and polite to one another. The highways are congested, and this comes with other problems. The only way to enjoy driving on such busy roads is by being polite and courteous.

Courtesy is critical on the road

Stop for pedestrians

Do the right thing and stop when you reach a crossing area and you see people wanting to cross. It will take you seconds and then you proceed. Pedestrians do not stop to check the road; it is your duty to let them pass since it is their turn. I must remind the drivers that pedestrians have the right to access the road as well.

Let a driver through

If you notice a driver indicating and moving ahead of you to change lanes, slow down and let them pass. It will not affect your journey in any way, in fact, it makes you feel better knowing that no one will be swerving in front of you anymore.

Use the slow lane

A highway has at least three lanes. The right end lane is meant for cars to pass; the far left lane should be used if the driver is driving on the speed limit or slower. This lane is mostly used by trucks. If you feel that you want to accelerate, do not pressure the cars in front or hoot at them, move to the right lane and pass. It is that simple. The road rules are keep left, pass right.

Own the mistake

Mistakes happen. What matters is how you handle yourself after the mistake. If you take a wrong move, make sure to apologize to the drivers who did all they can not to crash into you. Do not just laugh or smile innocently assuming that they will understand, make a sincere apology.

Say thank you

If someone allows you to their lane, a thank you will not be too much to ask. Put your hand up as a sign that you appreciate their kindness or switch your hazards on two blinks.


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