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Silver Dragon Magic, our first Welara brood mare, and one of the "poster ponies" for the American Welara Pony Registry. Born 1985, with 50/50 percentage Arabian / Welsh, "Dragon" stands 12 hands high. Recently retired from carriage driving, she now has more time to enjoy being a broodmare and grandmother.

DreamCroft Imaginatiw, 2002 welara filly, sired by international champion Arabian Sweepstakes stallion ABBA Baskatiw, dam, Silver Dragon Magic. "Maggie" is our little princess, and is showing promise as a future jumper.


DreamCroft Welaras is the ONLY official Welara breeder in New England. Because of this we are dedicated to representing the breed at it's best. We are a small active farm able to provide one-on-one daily quality time with our babies. Our focus is on producing sane weanlings for future family and show purposes.
All babies are the product of careful selective breeding between mares and stallions of quality type and temperament. Anyone remotely familiar with the Welsh and Arabian breeds will recognize many influential names in the bloodlines of our foals.

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Presently we breed medium to large ponies 12 to 14 hands suitable for children and small adults. All foals are imprinted at birth and worked with several times a day, through positive reinforcement taught proper manners from Day-1, and expected to be polite at all times. Best of all, our babies LOVE to cuddle!
Farrier and Vet love our animals for their calmness during treatment - no need for sedatives or restraining devices (even after our three-year-old Welara filly made "friends" with a porcupine!).

By the time they are one month old, our babies know all the basics:

 Foot cleaning, filing, and hammer tapping.
 Grooming, clipping, bathing, bug spraying.
 Being touched on and between legs, under belly, privates, inside ears, nostrils, mouth.
 Wearing halter, harness, blanket, crouper.
 Leading, tying, backing up, and yielding to pressure at all "leg aid" points.
 Because of our intense daily handling methods, our babies are bonded as much to humans
  as to equines. Loving, cuddly, and gosh darn nosey!

DreamCroft TSDaydream 1996 Welara mare of Arabian type, sired by Arabian stallion Tsilver Tshadow. She gets lots of notice at shows due to her arabian appearance, and wins against horse-sized half-Arabs in halter classes. "DeeDee" has produced some wonderful Welara foals, and passes on her extremely "sticky", people-oriented temperament to her offspring.

DreamCroft True Romance, black half sister to DreamCroft TSDaydream, shows the difference produced when using a Welsh Cob stallion instead of Arabian: more substance, more action, and much more hair! (we have let her luxurious, naturally wavy mane grow over her face, and left her feathers on for that "Friesian look"). True Romance was sired by 15hh imported Welsh cob stallion Sydenham Diplomat.

Additional photos of our ponies are available upon request.
We presently have several more that are for sale.

** Coming soon to our Web page: VIDEOS of our ponies! **

We are easy to get to, just 15 minutes straight from I-95 exit 33
AWPS, American Welara Pony Society
WPCSA, Welsh Pony and Cob Society of America
AHA, Arabian Horse Association

Licensed Judge
Welara ~ Welsh ~ Arabian

For more information on DreamCroft Welaras, contact:

Lu Manter
R.R. 2, Box 2690
Norridgewock, ME 04957
207.634.5363 eves after 6
Email: welara@tds.net
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