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The homeland of the Welara is England, but also brings the ancestry and heritage of the Welsh ponies from Wales. A Celtic cultured people, and harsh rugged terrain.

And the Arabian horse, shrouded in mystery from the Arabian desert, a broad plateau sloping to the Red Sea. An arid land of bedouins and nomadic herdsmen, a land of intrigue.

The Welara, originally bred nearly a century ago by Lady Judith Wentworth, of the famed stud Crabbet Park, in Sussex, England.

In April of 1920, Judith Wentworth was to purchase one of the most important Arabian stallions of all time, and major contributor to the Welara breed, the beautiful gray Skowronek, bred at the Antoniny Stud.

Judith Wentworth, later known as Lady Wentworth had bred and kept at Crabbet Park imported Welsh ponies. A number of which she bred to the stallion, Skowronek.

Lady Judith Wentworth is quoted as having written and also stated she considered the Welsh ~ Arabian


The Welara is a perfect combination of beauty, intelligence, refinement, and stamina. His size is ideal for a multitude of uses and equine disciplines, he is easy to train, and gentle enough to practically utilize what he learns.
The Welara today has become one of the most versatile and popular large pony breeds in the world. . .
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