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Primary Rules ~ Regulations ~ Bylaws and Policies
The word "American" in our name only designates our location, and does not place any limit or restrictions
to registration and services in other geographical locations around the world

Please fully read and understand the rules and policies of this Registry prior to requesting or accepting any services including membership. By requesting or excepting any services offered by the American Welara Pony Registry or American Welara Pony Society you are agreeing to abide by all regulations and policies set forth within this document.

Welara Registration
Registration of foals will not be accepted from dams younger than three (3) years of age at time of foaling. Applications must be accompanied by three (3) quality color photographs, left, right, and front views. Photographs may be physical prints, or digital sent by eMail attachment.
Submitted photographs become permanent property of this Registry and are not returned. Applications must bear owners or legal agents signature. If owner is under eighteen (18) years of age parent or legal guardian must also sign application.
Offspring resulting from Embryo Transfer will not be accepted. This Registry reserves the right to refuse registrations for quality and purity control unless the sire and dam of the applied for animal has previously been registered with this Registry, or their respective breed registry. Animals must be between 46" to 60" inches tall. On rare occasions a Welara at maturity may not meet regular size requirements. This situation does not affect the animals eligibility for regular registration as a Welara, or his / her usefulness as a sire or dam to propagate the Welara breed. It does affect showing your animal since size requirements are regulated at approved shows and competitions.
Animal must be part Arabian and part Welsh, neither part may be less than 1/8 or more than 7/8. The animal may NOT be of any other breed or combination of breeds. On the Welsh side sections A B C and D are accepted, sections B C and D usually are preferred due to size only. Welara stallions at maturity should measure between 14.0 to 15.0 hands, a mature Welara mare should measure between 13.1 to 14.3 hands at the withers.
Registered name maybe up to 36 letters in length including spaces, no symbols or special characters. No animal will be registered by any name already registered with this Registry. You may register a Name or Prefix not already registered for a $20.00 one time fee. Thereafter, the name or prefix can only be used by the recorded owner(s) and farm.

After death registration (posthumous) are not accepted.

Name Changes
Registered names of Welara can only be changed if:

  1: Animal has not been recorded with American Horse Shows Association / USA Equestrian.
  2: Animal has not been used for breeding.
  3: Changes involving a registered prefix can only be made with the written permission from owner of that prefix.
  4: Animal has not had a name change previously.

Ownership Transfers
Transfers should be effected as soon after change of ownership as possible. The last recorded owner is the legal owner until the transfer application has been signed by the last recorded owner. In cases where the animal is jointly owned by two or more persons, each person must sign the form. Only one signature is required when ownership is written as "or", "and / or", or when the animal is owned by an individual.
No fee is charged for transfer effected at time of registration. It is the responsibility of the seller to see that the transfer reaches the main office of this Registry for processing.

Report of Death
Registration certificate must be returned to this Registry for recording. Last registered owner must state on back of certificate animals death date and last location, and must sign below the statement. The certificate will be returned to owner with the words "Deceased" printed across the certificate.

Report of Castration
Registration certificate must be returned to this Registry for recording with the fee of $9.50 ($8.50 for members). Last registered owner must state on back of certificate animal was castrated, date and location of castration and must sign below the statement. A new certificate will be sent to the registered owner.

Duplicate Certificates
Duplicate certificates can be issued to the last recorded owner only. Photostatic copies of registration certificates are not legal proof of ownership. Registration certificates may not be altered or corrected by anyone other than this Registry. Official certificates will bear the Registries seal in the lower left, the Registrars signature in the lower right, a bar code in middle right, a Data Matrix (ISO 15470) code next to identification photograph of the animal.

Welara Registry official certificate

Grounds for Penalties. If the American Welara Pony Society or American Welara Pony Registry finds any person has intentionally failed to comply with any of these rules and regulations, or is guilty of misconduct or misrepresentation which in any way involved the purpose or good name of this Registry, such person may be expelled or suspended from membership, and also may be denied other services and privileges of this Registry and subjected to such other penalties as may be within it's power to impose.

Execution of Instruments
All registrations, ownership transfers, contracts, deeds, leases, membership certificates / cards, and any other official obligations authorized to be executed by an officer of this Registry in it's behalf shall be signed by the President, and / or Registrar, and / or main Secretary.

All monies / income from services rendered shall constitute a fund to defray the working expenses of maintaining a registry and other charges incidental to the transaction of the business of this Registry and Society.

Registry Services
All registration certificates and ownership transfers in this Registry are based on the representation contained in the application therefore. If animals have been admitted to this Registry or transferred through error, misrepresentation or fraud, such entries or transfers are void. And the American Welara Pony Society ~ American Welara Pony Registry assumes no liability for damages arising from such entry or transfer.

Related Groups
Officials and members of any and all groups, clubs, associations / corporations that have voluntarily joined, became members of, and / or are working with the American Welara Pony Society ~ American Welara Pony Registry are presupposed to be willing to promote the growth and betterment of the Welara pony as a breed, to promote membership and activity within the Welara Registry as a whole, and their own club / group in general, with the sincere interests of the breed at heart, to the very best of their ability.
At no time may such clubs, groups, or members involved in any way with the American Welara Pony Registry ~ American Welara Pony Society (AWPR) ~ (AWPS) represent themselves as a registry for the Welara breed, Welara Sport Pony, or attempt to advertise or carry out the duties of a breed registry involving the Welara or half Welara on a local, state, national, or international level. To do so will mean immediate banishment from this Registry, its services, functions, membership, advertising, judges license, Awards, and other privileges. And may involve legal actions.

The American Welara Pony Society and American Welara Pony Registry reserves the right to revise, add to, and or alter any and all regulations, rules, and bylaws as deemed necessary. If and when revisions are made, they will be publicly displayed on this Web site.
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