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Forms are in pdf format and can be viewed or printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Most computer systems already have this Reader installed, but if your system does not, it is available for free by clicking the link below. Any version on the Adobe Web site will work with these forms, but is recommended to use version 6.0 or above for basic viewing and printing. Adobe Reader version 11.0 and above can fill the forms out prior to printing (write on the digital form) then save and print.

Forms can be printed on any windows compatible printer, preferred types include inkJet or laser. Just follow the simple instructions below. Do not alter the forms or this Registry may reject them.

Select from the forms below by pointing your cursor and double clicking the left mouse button on the form(s) you need.

 1: You may open, or save the form for future use. To save the form move your mouse pointer over the desired form, right click your mouse, and select Save Target As.

 2: Set your printer to its highest print quality "Presentation". Be sure it is in "Portrait" mode, NOT Landscape.
You may also obtain additional printing help from within the Adobe Acrobat reader.

 3: If using Adobe Reader 11.0 or above you may write on the form on your monitor prior to printing (much easier and less handwritten errors). Or if you prefer, just print the form and fill it out by hand carefully being sure to read and follow instructions on the forms, and if instructed supply photographs. Please note: handwritten signature is required on all applications (not digitally signed). Then return by postal mail for processing the form(s) with check or money order (if applicable, see current rate sheet) to:

American Welara Pony Registry
471 Fourth Street, Nevelco Unit 1 - Crescent Valley, NV 89821

All forms herein are property of the American Welara Pony Registry and American Welara Pony Society and must only be used for their intended purpose, which is to be printed, filled out, and returned to the Welara Registry for processing. They may not be altered, used by other breed registries, clubs, groups, organizations, or individuals, in whole or part for uses other than stipulated herein. Other uses are prohibited, and will be treated and prosecuted as copyright infringement.

 Membership Application
 Welara Registration Application (for Welara only - Welsh and Arabian)
 Foundation Registration Application (for Welsh or Arabian Foundation Stock only)
 Welara Sport Pony Registration Application (for part Welara only)
 Ownership Transfer (for Welara, Half Welara, Welsh and Arabian Foundation Stock)
 Breeding Certificate (fill out and return by December 31, within the year mating took place - no fee)
 Judge License Application (no fee required, must be a member and approved by the Welara Registry)
 Name Recording Form (farm, ranch, stallion, owner, name recording)
 Bill of Sale (general equine bill of sale)

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