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Name Recording Services ~ OnLine immediate recording application
The purpose of name, initials, and prefix ~ suffix recording is to prevent the use of special "Registered" names by anyone except the recorded legal owner of that name. Once a name is recorded, the use of that name is restricted permanently to the registered owner.
Before applying, please be sure you have read our Guidelines on registered name usage by Clicking Here

Requires valid eMail address. Alternative ways to contact the Registry are listed below the eForm.
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You must agree to sign this application for it to be processed.
By agreeing to sign, you are stating all information is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.

Name or Initials you have chosen will be reserved when this completed form is submitted, if not previously reserved by someone else. You must send by Postal Mail the fee of $20.00 (United States funds) within 30 days in order to make this recording permanent and receive legal recording certificate. A representative will contact you by eMail verifying acceptance.
Other ways to contact the Registry

American Welara Pony Registry
471 Fourth Street, Nevelco Unit 1 Crescent Valley, Nevada 89821

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