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Welara Foundation Stock - Welsh or Arabian

Making Waves Tsunami
Registered Welara Foundation Stock Arabian stallion

MHR Fabel
Arabian stallion
Welara Foundation Stock

Youngs Golden Fascination
Welsh mare
Welara Foundation Stock

Shakespeare's Romeo
Welsh stallion
Welara Foundation Stock

The Welara Registry also maintains a Foundation Stock registry for Arabian or Welsh sections (A B C and D). It is NOT mandatory that Foundation animals be registered with their respective breed Registry, but is preferred.
We offer on occasion under a "hardship clause" the consideration of possible registration for individual animals that meet certain criteria.
These cases require the animal to be inspected, this may be done through quality photographs of the animal taken at various angles. During inspection any evidence of an outside breed (meaning any breed other than Welsh or Arabian) will automatically terminate eligibility.
If conformation and body type strictly and clearly show the animal is Welsh or Arabian then a signed statement specifying the breed is also required from the owner or breeder. We also consider lineage indicated on the submitted application form, attempt to contact former owners and the original breeder in an effort to verify breed purity. Please be aware that this Registry reserves the right to refuse or restrict at our judgment registration for animals without formerly registered parents in an ongoing effort to maintain quality and purity in the Welara breed. Your animal will need to pass this inspection to meet purity and quality standards set forth by this Registry.
If your animal does not meet standards, registration will not be accepted.
Foundation animals may be of any age or color, excluding Appaloosa characteristics to be eligible for registration. Stallions and mares are only eligible, geldings and spayed mares may not be registered within this section. Foundation animals are eligible to compete in AWPS sanctioned / approved shows and events.

They are an important part of the heritage of the Welara breed. Customarily, select Welsh mares are bred to a quality Arabian stallion, however this is not a rule, a Welsh stallion may be crossed with Arabian mares with equally refined offspring.
Each of these animals brings his or her particular qualities to create a uniquely intelligent and versatile animal of extreme beauty.

In the future it is the intention of this Registry to coordinate youth groups to take an active and useful interest in selective breeding, foal rearing and management.

For additional information and application forms sent to you by Postal Mail click here

After death registration (posthumous) are not accepted
General Rules - Regulations and Bylaws may be found here

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