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Conformation and Physical description of the Welara
The Welara should resemble a miniature coach horse,
except more refined with high tail carriage, slightly animated gait and natural arched neck.

GENERAL CHARACTER: Hardy, spirited, versatile, very refined, and larger than most pony breeds with a maximum height of 60" or 15.0 hands, and a minimum size requirement of 46" or 11.2 hands.

COLOR: Any color is eligible for registration (excluding Appaloosa characteristics).

HEAD: Small, clean cut, well set on, tapering to the muzzle with the profile slightly concave below the eyes.

EYES: Bold, intelligent but gentle.

EARS: Well placed, small and pointed.

NOSTRILS: Large and open.

JAWS and THROAT: Clean and finely cut.

NECK: Lengthy, arched, set on high and running well back into the withers, inclined to have a mild crest in fully matured stallions.
Correct conformation for the Welara
Long and well laid back.

FORELEGS: Set square and true, large flat knees.

PASTERNS: Moderately long, well sloped.

HOOVES: Moderately long, well sloped.

BACK: Short and muscular.

CROUP: Long, comparatively horizontal.

TAIL: Naturally high carriage.

FLANKS: Deep and muscular.

HOCKS: Large, strong and clean, with points prominent, to turn neither inwards nor outwards.