3.25" Antique Silver Leaf Ornate photo Oil Painting Wood Picture Frame 58S

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Custom Made Silver Ornate. It is NEW ; never used! It can be assembled and disassembled in seconds. Oil paintings on canvas (Looks great with Thomas Kinkade's art). We do not make it until you order it! | frames.........

With a Natural Linen Cloth Liner, a Specially Crafted Silver Ornate Wood Picture Frame This listing is for a silver-colored, CUSTOM MADE wood frame. It is not made unless you place an order! The liner has a silver accent and is lined with linen cloth in a natural tone (as shown in the pictures). It is NOT constructed entirely out of gesso, plastic, or inexpensive beveled/compressed wood. The frame moldings and liner width are together 3.25 inches wide. The depth of the rabbet is 1/4" of an inch. It includes a 1/8" standard a.