3Pcs Wedding Centerpiece Chandelier Hanger Branch Frame Christmas Party DIY

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You can hanging any beads or flowers you like to create your own unique chandelier. You can put them on vases to create stunning chandelier looking centerpieces. Perfect for DIY wedding decoration or any event. | frames.........

Homemade 3 pieces of wedding centerpiece chandelier hanging branches Size: 8.66"X8.66"X0.23" (Length*Width*Height) for Style A. 4.2 cm (1.65 inches) is the smallest diameter (No holes) 9.9 cm (3.89 in) is the third diameter (12 holes) A second diameter of 16 cm (6.29 inches) (20 holes) The initial diameter is 22 cm (8.66 in) (28 holes) Dimensions (length*width*height) for Style B is 25cm X 25cm X 7cm. 3.8 cm/1.5 is the smallest diameter " ( No holes ) The third diameter is 11.33 cm " ( 14 holes) second diameter