9x18 Wood Picture Frame White Mat for Three 5x7 Photo Landscape Portrait Collage

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$26.99 $30.31

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max-width: 100%; img .dc tracker img{display:none;} .dc tracker img:last-of-type{display:block;} p:empty hr{display:none;} hr span.ebay,hr *>span.ebay{display:none;} new 9x18 frame in distressed coffee with a white mat Suitable For: Three 5 x 7 pictures with mats or one 9 x 18 picture (without mat) One 9x18 Wood Frame, one White Mat, and three 5x7 Openings are included (Opening Sizes: 4.5x6.5 inches) Features: Bevel Cut White Mat, Sawtooth Wall Display Hangers, Genuine Glass