ArtToFrames 1" Custom Poster Frame Brown Mahagony Wood 4412 Large

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$38.19 $44.72

Makes a nice Christmas gift! Also available with a Mat. 1.25" Mahogany and Gold Slope. 1.75" Mahogany and Burgundy With Beaded Lip. 1.5" Windsor Mahogany. 1.375" Windsor Mahogany. SIMILAR COLORS. SIMILAR STYLES. | frames.........

The frames in this offering range in size from 4x4 inches to 12x36 inches. This Mahagony with Gold Beads frame is crafted to the highest industry standards from solid wood molding that is 1" thick and has a 0.3750" deep rabbet (the area between the lip and the bottom of the frame). This framework is. You won't find a frame like this designer one in regular frame stores. The frame is ideal for highlighting your most treasured image, photograph, art gallery, poster, or print.