ArtToFrames Custom Picture Poster Frame Black Stain on Pine 1.5" Wide Wood

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Makes a nice Christmas gift! 1.5" Two-Toned Red Cherry Stain On Oak. 1.5" Walnut Stain on Oak. 1.5" Windsor Pecan. 1.5" Honey Stain on Oak. 1.875" Black Stain on Beech. 1.5" Off White Stain on Oak. 1.125" Black Stain on Maple. | frames.........

This image, photo, diploma, and poster frame are all brand new. This Black Stain on Pine frame is built of solid wood molding that is 1.5 inches thick, has a 0.3750-inch-deep rabbet (the area between the lip and the bottom of the frame), and is meticulously constructed to the highest standards allowed by the industry. This framework is. You won't find a frame like this designer one in regular frame stores. The frame is ideal for highlighting your most treasured poster, painting, art gallery, or snapshot.