Dark Walnut Rustic Pine Picture Frame for Puzzles Posters Photos or Artwork

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$12.78 $15.85

Wrapped MDF. Timeworn rustic pine with dark walnut underlay coloring with a narrow flat face.

Ready-made picture frame for posters, prints, artwork, or puzzles. Comes with a clear acrylic facing. Proudly made in the USA. Rigid cardboard b...

covered MDF. Rustic time-worn pine with a thin flat face and rich walnut undertone hue. picture frame that is already constructed for use with puzzles, posters, and prints. has a front made of transparent acrylic. Made in the USA with pride. Hardware for hanging is supplied, as is a rigid cardboard backing. Bonanza Wood, a premium composite wood from Framerica, is used for the frame. a strong substance having a flawless surface. Our environmentally friendly Bonanza Wood frames have the same polish and appearance of solid wood but cost much less.