Quadro Frames 13x18 inch Picture Frame KIT, Style P375-3/8 inch Wide Molding

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Effective display area is nominal size minus 3/4" due to the molding overlap. thick Optically clear PET plastic panel with protective peel-away film on both surfaces. thick Anti-Glare PET plastic panel with protective peel-away film. | frames........

Details of the Good It must be assembled. These side loading frames are simple to put together without the use of tools. Perfect corner miters and Gallery results come standard with the exclusive Quadro P375 picture frame molding system. ABS plastic extruded moldings have a metallized foil finish. Specifications for size (using a 16x20" as an EXAMPLE): The panels' Nominal Size (listed size) corresponds to the size of the media being framed. A print measuring 16x20" will fit inside a 16x20" frame. exemplary performance